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Our Mission

To develop a platform to provide application assistance to underserved and underrepresented minorities pursuing careers in medicine, to promote diversity within medical institutions, and aid in the elimination of health disparities. 

Our Vision

Debunk application cycle myths 

Assist in shaping a competitive application for submission

Increase representation in the medical field to further aid in the elimination of health disparities


The inception of C.O.D.E Med began while we were pre-medical students in pursuit of our master’s degree in Biomedical Science. As we tried to self-navigate through the pre-med journey, we noticed that we were being given a lot of information and advice on how to ultimately gain acceptance into medical school that seemingly painted an impossible picture. As more time elapsed and as we sought out great mentors, we came to realize that a lot of the information fed to us early on was simply not accurate. Because of this, we decided that it was vital to share the correct information with as many people as possible. In October of 2019, we officially launched C.O.D.E Med. We did so in hopes to help increase the number of underrepresented minorities in medicine across the nation. We work to debunk the perpetuated myths that pre-med students are told. Most of all, we aim to instill a sense of hope, confidence, and belonging to each student we come in contact with. 

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