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Mentee Expectations

​​​Provide your mentor with open and honest information in order to receive proper mentorship.

Be prepared for all scheduled mentorship meetings, including completion of all discussed portions of application as well as to be available and on time for all meetings.

Put forth the effort to stick to the personal timeline created for you.



C.O.D.E Med prides itself on confidentiality. All information provided will remain private. If you would like to leave something blank you are free to do so, and we can speak about it via telephone. C.O.D.E Med is simply a student-run organization geared toward free supplemental assistance. C.O.D.E Med does not guarantee acceptances or favors from medical schools or any other institutions of higher learning.

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Sheree Carter
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5D0EE258-F06E-4907-82A7-6D3C9A5AF871 - D
Destiny Franklin
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Shanika Bynes
IMG_5112 - Kristina Franklin
ADE3D08B-A09D-4098-88EE-ED0026D32060 - M
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